"Dedicated to protecting the heritage of Kentucky Houndsmen"

History of the

Kentucky Houndsmen Association

1987 - The Kentucky Houndsmen Association Inc. was incorporated

1987 - Fought to keep a running season for raccoons open

1990 - Worked to lift ban on .22 cal rifles in the 7th Wildlife District

1990 - Legislation written that exempted dog hunting activities from "cruelty to animal laws"

1992 - Members filled a courtroom during a lawsuit filed by animal rights groups that sued the KDFWR to have shakeout season abolished

1993 - The Kentucky Houndsmen Association Foundation for Sportsman's Rights Inc. was created. (Monies raised from our Commission Bull Elk Tag raffle are designated through this foundation)

1996 - Helped write and pass a 'Conceal Carry' law for handguns

2012 - Launched this website

2012 - Raccoon running season to open on Oct 1st to keep them off of nuisance list

2012 - Coon squallers permitted year round

2012 - Bird Dog training opened year round with pin-reared bobwhites

            (limit raised to 100)

2012 - Bear Running and harvest with hounds permitted

2013 - Coyote hunting at night permitted

2013 - Awarded KDFWR Commission Bull Elk Tag to raffle off and raise money for Kentucky Youth (have been awarded the tag 4 years in a row)

2014 - Membership with the NRA 

2015 - Successfully withheld detrimental animal cruelty legislation from passing in Frankfort

2016 - Worked with legislators to write an effective Dog-fighting bill, SB 14 (this bill was passed unanimously by the Senate but never voted on in the House. The House introduced there own bill which was amended to a resemble the one that passed the Senate with better verbiage. This bill, HB 428, has better protections than the bill that was amended back in the 1990's)

2017 - Protecting the Heritage of Kentucky Houndsmen for 30 years.

​2017 - Worked against and helped stop the following bills that in our opinion supported HSUS anti-hunting agenda: HB 135, HB 143, HCR 43, SCR 58

2017 ​- Worked for and helped pass: HB 93 (HB 93 added tougher penalties to assaults on dogs used in Law Enforcement.)

2017 ​- Worked with KDFWR and established a Fox Field Trial at the Clay Farm WMA.

2017 ​- Broke attendance record at KDFWR and KHA Kids Fishing Derby. (705 youth anglers plus parents and friends)

2018 - Worked against the following bills, that in our opinion supported HSUS anti-hunting agenda: SB 8, SB 239

2019 - Still working for you...