"Dedicated to protecting the heritage of Kentucky Houndsmen"

History of the

Kentucky Houndsmen Association

1987 - The Kentucky Houndsmen Association Inc. was incorporated

1987 - Fought to keep a running season for raccoons open

1990 - Worked to lift ban on .22 cal rifles in the 7th Wildlife District

1990 - Legislation written that exempted dog hunting activities from "cruelty to animal laws"

1992 - Members filled a courtroom during a lawsuit filed by animal rights groups that sued the KDFWR to have shakeout season abolished

1993 - The Kentucky Houndsmen Association Foundation for Sportsman's Rights Inc. was created. (Monies raised from our Commission Bull Elk Tag raffle are designated through this foundation)

1996 - Helped write and pass a 'Conceal Carry' law for handguns

2012 - Launched this website

2012 - Raccoon running season to open on Oct 1st to keep them off of nuisance list

2012 - Coon squallers permitted year round

2012 - Bird Dog training opened year round with pin-reared bobwhites

            (limit raised to 100)

2012 - Bear Running and harvest with hounds permitted

2013 - Coyote hunting at night permitted

2013 - Awarded KDFWR Commission Bull Elk Tag to raffle off and raise money for Kentucky Youth (have been awarded the tag 4 years in a row)

2014 - Membership with the NRA 

2015 - Successfully withheld detrimental animal cruelty legislation from passing in Frankfort

2016 - Worked with legislators to write an effective Dog-fighting bill, SB 14 (this bill was passed unanimously by the Senate but never voted on in the House. The House introduced there own bill which was amended to a resemble the one that passed the Senate with better verbiage. This bill, HB 428, has better protections than the bill that was amended back in the 1990's)

2017 - Protecting the Heritage of Kentucky Houndsmen for 30 years.

​2017 - Worked against and helped stop the following bills that in our opinion supported HSUS anti-hunting agenda: HB 135, HB 143, HCR 43, SCR 58

2017 ​- Worked for and helped pass: HB 93 (HB 93 added tougher penalties to assaults on dogs used in Law Enforcement.)

2017 ​- Worked with KDFWR and established a Fox Field Trial at the Clay Farm WMA.

2017 ​- Broke attendance record at KDFWR and KHA Kids Fishing Derby. (705 youth anglers plus parents and friends)

Side by side comparison of the old dog fighting law and HB 428 (which is now Law)